Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beruk band..

My maxis beruk band really drive me crazy. This morning (around 4 am and i couldn't sleep) when i happily surfing the Inchik Tenet, suddenly the connection was terminated. I was like what the heaven !I removed it and try to connect again but failed. The error message still appeared on my lappy screen.

OMG! Should this beruk band is no longer function well, please let it be when i could afford buying a new one. This is serious okay. I own this so-called-beruk band for only 4 months. It shouldn't be any problem since it is still considered as newly-wed bride.Hemo hemo~

Tension with this drama, i shut down my lappy. Let it rest for a while. I thought it was because of my antic lappy. I called it Mr A. A stands for Acer. Maybe it was tired working for a longer period of time. We have been together for almost 5 years. Yes, it's true. Five years darling. I might say it was a stable relationship between me and Mr A. He has been loyal all this while even though i treated him badly. I have punched him before because he was so slow doing his work. To just transfer a file to my friend's thumbdrive could take almost one hour ! One day, i had enough with his bad mood. I slapped and punched him on his face . Because of his slow motion mode, i couldn't finish my assignments smoothly. I decided to take him to the 'doctor' hoping that he could back to his normal state. I was even considered to find his replace since he could no longer be my wonderful partner. But this idea was just an idea because i am a loyal partner okay. I never thought of betraying him, who have been with me through thick and thin. He always be by my side in every situations and every minutes. He accompanied me when i have to stay up to finish my work. He was loyal but he was too slow back then.

So, i took him to a doctor, a friend of mine. I asked my friend to give him the best treatment, to make him energetic again. My friend gave him 1G of vitamin RAM. After that, he was back to normal. Yeah, now, he is fast in doing his work. No more slow motion mode. Thank you Mr A. You are my amazing partner and i really hope you could always be by my side for the next 20 years. You have seen me in the battle of degree and i want you to accompany me in the next battle. Insha-allah. Please be strong my dear Mr A. So, i want you to stay because I couldn't afford to lose you...

Okay, enough with the not-so-interesting-story-of-Mr A. So, back to the topic of my beruk band. After a while, i on again my lappy and try to connect the beruk band but again , failed. I gave up, removed it , put aside and watched 'My Name is Khan' (there are few films in my lappy that is still waiting their turn for me to watch). Half way of the film, i slept till 6.30 am this morning. After Subuh, i tried my luck. Yeah,finally it was connected to the world wide web. I was quite lucky , i guessed. Clap clap =)

P.S, i love you Mr A !! Yes , i do !

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