Friday, October 8, 2010

Lelaki dari Marikh & perempuan dari Zuhrah !!

dis blog hd neva been updated for quite some time.. just dun hv time perhaps.. or maybe no idea to mumble T_T

ok title gempak x? Ala2 bljr astronomy gituh.. its not dat i want to stress ur mind with all d facts of these planets like u used to face it when u study science standard six n PMR level.. NO !! I'm not going to nag bout those things.. aiyyak~

What i'm going to nag is how men travel from mars n landed on earth?? erk?? ada ke @_@
ok actually, yg cek nak citer adalah 'Men are from Mars and women are from Venus', a nicely-written book by John Gray (if im not mistaken).. It's quite interesting to read such book,, u'll realised in what aspects we are different from the 'ADAM species' n how different they r from ourselves.

Here are pictures of our brain (man & woman) which hv been summarized by this if he is my uncle .. ampon pokcik ;p

ni plak female brain :

such an eye-opener eh??

if u ask me whether im agree or not.. well, my honest answer is 80-90 % correct .. i cant help it darlinkz..
tgk jelah sapa yg berpusu2 kat Jusco n any mall masa mega sale?? perempuan..
sapa yg banyak membebel ??? perempuan..
sapa yg ske emas n diamonds?? perempuan..
siap ada saying lg.. Diamond is a girl's besfren ;))
sapa yg selalu ingat bday n anniversary n sometimes lebih2 n over-react if ur darlink forgt abt it??? perempuan...

oppsss.. berat sebelah ke?? ok, lets take a look at the man:
sapa yg lebih teruja n sanggup tak tido malam bila World Cup?? lelaki..
sapa yg ske tgk citer tumbuk sana, letup sini, bunuh situ?? lelaki..
sapa yg selalu jd perogol bersiri n sex-maniac??? lelaki...

no offense ~!
just sharing =)

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