Saturday, October 30, 2010

MRSA. Jenama baju barukah?

Pernahkah kamu2 di luar sana dengar/baca tentang MRSA? Ia merupakan satu jenama fesyen yang amat digemari oleh Jeniffer Lopez @ JLO !!

Kamu tak pernah dengar? sungguh ??

okay, memang sesungguhnya kamu tak akan pernah mendengar jenama ini tp bagi kamu2 yang terlibat dalam bidang perubatan, mikrobiologi, ataupun yang pernah menonton rancang OPRAH, mesti kamu pernah mendengarnya..

D truth is MRSA stand for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; a bacterium dat eat ur cell.. sounds disgusting n scary rite? i neva heard abt this bacterium before but once i knew abt it, i feel like this world is not safe anymore not only bcuz d ppl live on it make it unsafe but other new destructive species are widely- spread and they r so harmful to homo sapien like you, like me !!

According to Dr. Oz fr Oprah show , this MRSA is found anywhere especially in school, hospital n gym. School?? are u kidding? dats where i wud spend most of ma time.. no kidding babes~
Each and every1 of us are easily exposed to this bacteria .. In fact, we might hv this bacteris on our skin,If we get cut , these bacteria will get deeper into our cell body n creates 'bridge' to ur mucsle n it will start to colonize your muscle and within a blink of eye, ur muscle cells will b destroyed. It might get deeper and infect ur organ n by dat time , its fatal ! According to him, if u dont get proper treatment within 48hrs after infection, u r in high risk. Even worst, u might be amputated or saying good bye to ur loves. And of course , it's His Will and His right to take away His seravnt's lives.. Ya Rabbi, forgive me 4 all my wrongdoings.. Astaghfirullah..

And what make dis bacterium so harmful is it is methicillin resistant @ antibiotic cannot KILL them.. they are really a genius evolution of bacterium..

Here are some precautions to be followed :
a) Always wash ur hand
b) If u have high fever, do seek ur doctor okay.. dont delay.. u might b d next victim.. Nauzubillah..
c) Cover u skin-cut properly

Harap information ni boleh menyedarkan kita betapa pentingnya menjaga kebersihan =)

p/s : okay, post kali ni agak serius sikit kan.. N memang seriusly rasa cuak gak masa tgk OPRAH hari ni. N sorry i couldnt attach photos here bcuz everytime tgk gambar patients infected with diz bacteria, mesti rasa gatal satu badan.. tak bolehla tgk2 gambar2 yg bernanah, kudis.. so, u guys google sndr okay..

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