Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Batam yuk...

Last week, my cousins, my father n i went to Batam to attend my aunt's wedding... wahh..ayat skema gituh.. LOL :DD

okay, to b honest dat was my 1st visit to Batam eventho i have been to indonesia fr few times.. i m a javanese + bugese + baweanese.. so wat u xpect kan ;p

There isn't all dat much difference between Batam n d other parts of indonesia that i hv been to b4.. d language is the same, d food, d environment, d people, d customs.. it's indonesia after all..
we hv been there for 3 days.. we did nothing for d first 2 days cuz bz preparing for reception.. hey wait, before i forget, their reception is from 2 p.m till 10 p .m.. 8 hours!!!
damn much tiring ~!

but every1 is hepi n enjoy d day.. im hoping for d best for my lil tante (aunt) n om (uncle)... semoga mereka menjadi keluarga sakinah , mawaddah, warahmah .. insha-allah ...
here are some pictures taken during my visit there... enjoy guys~

i knw u going to say 'nas, ur tante looks so young'.. well, darlings she's just 21 n i m 21 n a month LOL :DD

so freaking yummy !!

empek2.. my breakfast..

tek wan.. another option fr bfast..

mee pangsit ayam.. i love to eat n ejoy dis xtvt damn much <3>

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