Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jipaban - My 2010 Santarina

Have you ever heard about Jipaban before? Well, it is a socializing online shopping which was first launched in Singapore and now Jipaban was finally 'invaded' Malaysia. Hehe.
Please be noted that i am not promoter or spoke-person for Jipaban. It is just a brief intro about them since they are so generous to send you a perfect gift and score yourself some cash, RM500 babes. Yes, you heard me right. RM 500 should be enough to buy a new cute dress for 01.01.2011.Wink2 @_@

Okay, actually, Jipaban is having a contest in which you have to write blog post titled Jipaban - My 2010 Santarina. So, here i go.

I have to choose one item which must not exceed RM100 and tell them who i would like to give the item for. Well, they have a lot of items to be chosen and after mingle around Jipaban, finally i found this nice Etzy bag.


Don't you think it's stylo? Sudah jatuh cinta pandang pertama sama ini bag~

To whom shall i send the bag and why?

To be honest, i wish i could give this to all my gorgeous babes out there but since the price should not exceed RM 100, i will choose my lovely little cousin, Ita as an engagement present. She is going to enter a new phase in her life this coming December. So, it would be nice if i could give something to her as she is a bag-die-hard-fan..hehe ;p

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