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How i plan to spend my life with you

First and foremost, gazillions of thanks to the blog owner (stated on the picture) for the cute and a-well-planning-for-a-so-called-couple picture (do i need to make it sounds so complicated ;p).

By looking at the picture, you will realized that everyone is having the same ideal plan for the future of how their lives should be with their significant other. Well, it is good to have these wonderful dreams and i keep repeating this, without dreams , you are nothing. But, effort counts babes ! Who never wish to have such life, aren't you?

This picture is started out with a dating couple. Sharing their dreams together, watching movies together, looking for each other every time you face any hurdles in your life, or whenever you are at your wit's end, celebrating birthday together, and perhaps finishing your partner's assignment once she/he puts on please-baby-you-are-so-clever-and-i-will-love-you-forever- face. The list goes on and on...

The relationship then continue on until you get your first cert. Families of both sides will attend your first big day (second big day perhaps for those who get engaged before the convocation) and usually you will introduce son/daughter-in-law-to-be to your parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, siblings' boyfriends or girlfriends, tok pah, nek ngah etc. They will take this opportunity to get to know each other and for those who are unlucky enough, objections might come from any side due to thousands of reasons, some are logic , some are ridiculous. Well, the most common reason is cinta antara dua darjat..

My mum always said ' carilah yang sepadan, senang tak ada masalah. Kalau pilih orang yang tak sedarjat (she referred to wealth and fortune for sure), nanti kau malu dan keluarga dia pun malu nak jumpa keluarga kita'. I got your point mak and i know we are not somebody. In fact, somebody won't look at me and not even ogle. Wink wink ~

For couple who manage to pass till this level with flying colour results, they might proceed to the next stage. Something to be reminded, there are bunch of people out there, who don't meet their significant other in the campus, so, the story would be different.But again as been mentioned earlier, this is an ideal story of how i plan to spend my life with you. No argument needed. Thank you. Hemo hemo~

Then, they will jump into working life, become a career woman and man. Meeting here and there. Outstations every months and even to overseas. No more allowance from dad as they have to earn hardly or easily by themselves. Well darling, a penny saved is a penny earned.No more hanging out like there is no tomorrow as they used to have it during their days as an undergrad because most boss won't prove leave just like that without any strong reasons to do so. And of course you won't go against your boss because list of bills are waiting for you end of every month. Face it or leave it. Leave it means no more car to bring you to City square (i am in JB right now, so, better i introduce the one and only mall in the center of JB. Only one?Hey, i thought JB is a big city. Again,no argument is needed here.LOL :DD)

Digit of your age increases year by year or at least month by month. And tik-tok-tik-tok, the clock ticking is getting louder and louder. Your parents start asking you about your plan to tie the knot and you keep avoiding as this question is so annoying and you don't have any answer for it because the value in your boyfriend's Maybank2u still the same for the past few months (for girl). And again list of bills are to be blamed.

Finally after going through all the obstructions, you can settle down and introduce each other as my hubby and my wifey. And still, list of bills are waiting every month. Meeting and outstation is still on. Arguments might happen, sometimes over the most ridiculous things such as celebrating the first eid in my parent's place or my in-law's. Listen people, why the Ministry of Education asks teachers to teach you maths in the first place? It is for you to learn basic arithmetic. Eh, apa plak kaitan maths dengan balik kampung? Mana ada kaitan.Hang ni pandai-pandai jek!

Who says it isn't? Have you ever learned 'logic and argumentations' in Form 4 ?That is in modern Maths syllabus darling. The most superficial part. once you get into university, you still need to crack your head again with this subject but of course more complicated and lots of proving needed,But i love this subject and i got A.Clap clap.

Do you believe me now? Maths can solve that problem. Be logical. If last year, you spend your first eid with your parents, then this year with your in-law. Full Stop (macamlah aku ni kaunselor.Kawen pon dok lagi T_T).

After some time (the fastest is 9 months and 10 days.LOL), they might have baby. Now, they are not only husband and wife, but also, daddy and mommy, ayah and mak, papa and mama, umi and abah, pa and ma, apa and ama (you name it okay). New title. New responsibilities. You will hold different positions at this stage. A career woman or man, A husband or wife, a daddy or mommy, a son or daughter, a sister or brother, a friend to hundreds or thousands of friends, a member of society, and last but not least a servant of The Almighty. You will put a lot of effort to make sure each of this position being handled carefully and smoothly and beautifully and handsomely.Haha~

But darling, life is not a bed of roses. The thorns might hurt you. You might lose somewhere in the middle of the journey. Some manage to get back to the right track but others still looking their way through the remaining years of life. That makes you strong and you will learn the lesson. The wisdom of life !

From one baby, to the second, third, forth, fifth.. Your family getting bigger and bigger. More people at home. More beds and pillows to be provided. More food to be put on the table. More money to be saved for the future. Sometimes money saved for the great holiday together.Korea or Europe sounds interesting. Hehe. And again the list of your monthly bills getting longer and longer. And you live your life happily with the significant other and the juniors (your kids la)

Things will change everytime you open new calender. They juniors will biologically, physically, chemically, mathematically, historically, geographically will change (sebenarnya nak list down semua subjek kat sekolah, tapi malas plak nak tulis ;p). From baby become a toddler, kids and adolescence, and at this stage, they might get into university just like you and the juniors' mother. Eleh, cakap jelah isteri hang. Lagi nak bikin pening. Hemo hemo~

The juniors will have their own life and it's time for you to date again. You are back to two. You can watch movie together again , just you and your significant other. No more juniors at home as they are busy with their own business .Phone,Uncle YM, FB ,emel etc will keep you in touch. Then only you realize time flies so fast. You have been together for a long time through thick and thin. You see how your significant other has changed all this while. From black to white hair. From slim (when you first married) to bigger size (especially during pregnancy) and sometimes to smaller size again (kadang2 orang tua mengecut saiz dia). From officer to manager. From just being a teacher to Professor.Nak jugak.Hehe. From the time of no KLCC, till it is proudly built in our land and become the tallest building till it is no longer considered as one since Burj Khalifa has beaten it till one day Burj Khalifa is no longer considered as one. Many things happen and you are still together, hand in hand, happily married without no regret.

Sounds so difficult to have a family eh?If you think so, look at your parents and other couples who manage to stay together.They face a lot of obstacles, but they manage to handle with courages , efforts and prayers. Perkara baik akan dipermudahkan urusan oleh-Nya.Insha-allah =)

"Dan kahwinikanlah orang-orang yang bujang diantara kamu dan orang-orang yang layak (berkahwin) dari hamba-hamba sahayamu yang lelaki dan perempuan. Jika mereka miskin, Allah akan memberikan mereka dengan kurniaan-Nya. Dan Allah Maha Luas (Pemberian-Nya) lagi Maha Mengetahui". (An Nur: 32)

So, untuk kengkawan yang baru atau bakal melangsungkan Hari besar pertama, selamat menempuh alam baru dan selamat pengantin baru. You are now in the third stage (by referring to the picture).

Mode makan nasi minyak kat kenduri kawen kawan/sedara =)

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