Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RON97 is a money-sucker.

What a provocative statement Miss Cheezy Cake !

Started from last night, RON97 will be at RM2.40/l and RON95 remains at RM1.90/l . I'd posted about this petrol price before. You may read it here.

Lately, i was so concerned about the petrol price because i'm one of thousands of people in Malaysia who depends on this liquid type of matter to go from one place to another. So, without it, i'll be just stucked in my little house. Every transportations in JB run by this liquid except bicycle of course. But you won't cycle hundreds of kilometers every day, will you?

You keep on talking about the price for RON 95 and RON97. But did you know the differences between these two? And if you don't, have you ever wondered what are they? Well, I just had. Last night, after my tuition class, i realized my car fuel tank almost empty. Yeah, sometimes i didn't check the bar for the fuel. What a troublesome driver you are Miss Cheezy Cake ! So, i went to this petrol station in Taman Daya and it was about 10.40 p.m. Nobody was there and they switched off the light inside the shop. I thought it was closed. What on earth the petrol station closed at this very time? So, i sat for a while waiting for someone to come. A couple of minutes later, a worker appeared in the counter . I went there and pay for the petrol. But the story does not end there. I was confused whether to take RON95 or RON97. Yeah, i was confused. And to be honest, i seldom go to petrol station. My father always do it for me. Sigh ~
Lucky me, they have only RON95. So, i just let the tank to 'swallow' it. Later, i'm gonna ask my father what RON should be inside the 'car's stomach'. Hemo hemo~

And to answer the question just now, here is the answer for 'what is the differences between RON95 and RON 97'. Please read it as you don't want to be ignorant like me. How dare you said yourself is ignorant ! Well, at least for this case my dear soul. Teheee...

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