Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Bargain in Cambodia.

  1. Unless you're really in a rush, give yourself a couple of days before shopping. Many identical Cambodian products are available all over the country. It's difficult to bargain if you are unsure how rare your purchase is.

  2. Don't bargain over food at markets, street stalls or restaurants. You can try bargaining over hotel prices if you're staying for a few days. You must absolutely bargain for material objects in markets.

  3. Ask your fellow travelers. There are a few large markets in Phnom Penh that are virtually unbeatable for low prices. On the other hand there might be a few side markets you don't know about. Networking is best to discover how low prices can be before you start bargaining.

  4. When you find something you like, don't show an interest in it. Rather, pick up a few different items and casually inquire over the cost of the item you're really interested in. Make sure you do this with a friendly tone and don't forget to smile.

  5. Ask the seller for a price. If no price is given then offer an absurdly low price with a laugh. Make the seller give the first price or walk away. A Cambodian street vendor's price is usually double what they really expect you to pay. It can also be much higher so be careful!

  6. Once the first price has been given, frown and say "cheaper." Decide what you're willing to pay and offer 75 percent off that price. Politely show the seller the flaws in the product explaining that your price is good. Gradually work your way up to the ideal amount. If you're close to your price but still can't get the seller to agree, walk away. You are almost certain to be called back.

  7. Don't bargain too hard and be polite! Cambodia is a poor country and while bargaining is the norm, a few pennies to you might be dinner to a vendor.


Ok, this is not written by me for sure. I found this article when i googled for 'Russian market cambodia'.

It is one and a half month to go before i reach the land of Khmer. And i'm so excited to know every single things regarding this country; tourist attractions, Halal food, sightseeing activities and for sure shopping. And i know , you have to be very careful while bargaining in other countries and it is quite a challenging one though since i'm not good in it. I don't have that talent and skill. Sigh >_<>

Cambodia is not a rich country and most of their people have to earn hardly every day to put food on the table. Can't wait to experience it myself and i'm very sure the experience of catching up with their lives is one not to be missed. Hopefully there is nothing going on in the middle of my way especially with the school activities. Please Mr Headmaster/ Mrs Headmistress, no work and no activity during school holiday in March...

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