Monday, July 19, 2010

My first 'baby'

Diz is ma first time blogging.. y am i blogging??

-> I hv a lot of free time
-> I hv time to bloggin'
-> I hv internet access to do so
-> i wanted to do so.. hehe~

Main plak kan =p
To b exact, i juz dun knw wat else to do.. staying at home like crazy lil kids..uwaa~
Act, i hd juz finished ma practical.. so, currently waiting for convocation n posting (saying gudbye 2 ma life as science with education undergrad UM).. so, here i go.. BLOGGING!!

Y miss cheezy cake??
urghh... malu la nak cakap..hehe.. I LOVE CHEESE CAKE DAMN MUCH !! sedang belajar utk wat cheese cake yg plg lazat menjilat jari..finger lickin' gud.. i luv it~

can u say NO to diz??

or diz??
Blueberry cheesecake.. yummy !

or even diz??

argghh.. amylase enzyme is 'happily' secreted in my mouth =p

so, guys, can u resist ol this ???

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